Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Daily News – Batavia NY

Friday, September 15-1893

Mrs. BUELL, who is staying with her grand-daughter, Mrs.. George BURT, is very sick.

Mr. Will NOBB spent Sunday at the residence of his brother, Frank Nobb.

W.E. HARDING has returned from his trip to the World's Fair.

Miss Lillian HYDE starts this week for Pittsburg for a two weeks' visit.

Harry WOOLF was presented with a fine rocking chair last week by the Sunday-school in the Pearson district.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Joseph Eastland

Joseph Eastland,
Marble Factory,
Bethany Center.

"Grave and Tomb Stones, Monuments, &c. at Bethany Centre...Paint-stones, Mullers, Window-caps, Door-sills, &c."

"He has on hand a large assortment of White and Clouded Marble, from Castleton, Vermont, which cannot well be surpassed for beauty or durability..."

"Will take most kinds of Country Produce will be received in part payment and the work done as reasonable as at any shop in Western New-York."

March 1844 - Batavia newspaper

Howard Baldwin, 1899

reverse side of photograph:
Howard Baldwin
dog Samantha
July 4 1899
Age 11

Bethany Town Hall

in Old Town Hall
~ Bell was made in 1834 by
James Cochrane,
a Bell Founder whose business was in Batavia
on Bank Street, affectionately called "Dingle Alley"

Old Town Hall,
Bethany Center

Churches of Bethany

East Bethany Presbyterian Church

Bethany Center Church

Monday, July 27, 2009

Morse General Store, Linden

Receipt from
MORSE Grocery Store,
Mrs Lorena Morse, Prop.,

November 1976

Check out some of the prices!

a loaf of Bread: 57 cents
6-pk of Pepsi: $1.21
1 doz. eggs: 83 cents
can of tuna: 63 cents
2 pkgs. Jell-o: 48 cents
1/2 gal. Ice Cream: $1.49

Harry Woolf and S.S. class

Harry Woolf and his family

Bethany Center Road Notes
Harry Woolf, who has been very ill with erysipelas, but is improving, has
been presented potted plants and cut flowers by his Sunday school class and
that of Mrs McCumber. - The Daily News, Batavia ~ March 18-1911

Reverse side of photograph:

Back left to right back
Ben Nichols - Allen Ladd - Geo Phillips - Will McCumber -Will Nott

Next row
Della Nichols - Alice Grant - Lee Nott - Dora Chapman -
Mary Raymond - May Phillips - Henry Phillips

3 row
-Alice Peglas - Fred Stevens - Maude Stevens (wife) -
Harry Woolf - Mary Cacner - Clara Cacner

4 row
Annette Stevens - Alice McCumber - Cora Chapman -
Mary Stevens - Maude Phillips - Persis Chapman
Cora Raymond - Ella Maine

S.S. Class Harry Woolf teacher
Bethany Ctr N.Y.

Friday, July 24, 2009

1941 Polish Falcons: Genesee Co. Champions

Former Bethany resident, Ted Platek, was a member of the Polish Falcons team.

1940 Polish Falcons: Genesee Co. Champions

Former Bethany resident, Ted Platek, was a member of the Polish Falcons.

Bethany Schools

#1: South Transit
#2: Torrey
#3: East Road
#4: County Home
#5: Mayne
#6: Bethany Center
#7: Linden
#8: Pearson
#9: East Bethany
#10: Little Canada
#11: Crawford's Corners
#12: West Bethany

Photos and further info about Bethany Schools:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ben Nichols of Evergreen Farms

Ben Nichols in Evergreen Farm Truck

"Jersey Milk and Cream - Phone 110 A"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mrs Page

Mrs Page

Former resident of Bethany

Houseknecht Studios

Mr Page

William Page

Former Bethany resident

Houseknecht Studios

Miss Hill

Pearl Hill

Former resident of Bethany

Houseknecht Studio

Mr Nott

Lee Nott

Houseknecht Studio

Parker children

Merton Laverne Parker, 7 months
Eleanor Olive Parker, 3 years

J.G. McJury Studio

Mr Palmer and Mr Nott

Charles Palmer
Will Nott

Former Bethany residents

Mr Chaddock

Mr Chaddock

Former resident of Bethany

Houseknecht Studios

Mr Stevens

Scott Stevens

Former resident of Bethany

P.B. Houseknecht

Miss Phillips

May Phillips

Former resident of Bethany

P.B. Houseknecht