Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Joseph Eastland

Joseph Eastland,
Marble Factory,
Bethany Center.

"Grave and Tomb Stones, Monuments, &c. at Bethany Centre...Paint-stones, Mullers, Window-caps, Door-sills, &c."

"He has on hand a large assortment of White and Clouded Marble, from Castleton, Vermont, which cannot well be surpassed for beauty or durability..."

"Will take most kinds of Country Produce will be received in part payment and the work done as reasonable as at any shop in Western New-York."

March 1844 - Batavia newspaper

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Howard Baldwin, 1899

reverse side of photograph:
Howard Baldwin
dog Samantha
July 4 1899
Age 11


Bethany Town Hall

in Old Town Hall
~ Bell was made in 1834 by
James Cochrane,
a Bell Founder whose business was in Batavia
on Bank Street, affectionately called "Dingle Alley"

Old Town Hall,
Bethany Center

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Churches of Bethany

East Bethany Presbyterian Church

Bethany Center Church

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